The Rationale

My name is Laura. I’m a teacher with a traveling addiction and a photography habit. Living and teaching abroad let’s me squeeze all my loves into this one short life I get to live. The purpose of this blog is to document my new life in Thailand by posting a photo a day–no more, no less. Most I’ve taken, a couple have been donated by friends. Some are artsy-fartsy, some just show what my life here is like. My motivation is simple and selfish–to help me remember the little things I will surely forget when I leave Thailand and move somewhere else. I wish I had done this when I lived in China but the government’s tendency to block blogging sites made that hard. Now I have no excuse.**

**Oops! Excuses now fall into the categories of

1) Tibet has no internet/blogging access.

2) My computer ran out of memory when I was traveling and

3) I got so far behind I didn’t know how to catch up.

Sometime around last summer I fell off the blogging bandwagon. Blame laziness, blame burnout. Whatever. I’m back.

At one time the plan was to catch up on missed days but after 7 months that seemed a bit unrealistic. So after missing the western New Year as a great start time, I figured Chinese New Year would work just as well. Starting on February 3, 2011, the first day of the year of the hare, I am posting a photo a day. This is my blog so they are my rules which means they are incredibly flexible. I will post a photo representing each day of the year of the hare. It may or may not have been taken on that day. If I miss a day due to travel, I will make it up pronto. By the end of the year I will have 365 more pictures on this blog. That’s the plan and I’m sticking to it.



Oh for the love…

Clearly this photo a day thing is way to rigid for a free spirit like myself. The constraints of work, grad school, a parental visit, and the relaxation of summer have found me sidelined yet again. I’m going to post some photos that represent the time from April 22nd to the present day in the hopes of getting back on track, but I’m giving myself permission to post as I please. I want this blog to be useful to me and interesting to anyone who stumbles on it.


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