The Bubble

By: BKKLola

Apr 27 2010


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Focal Length:6.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS

Here is an aerial view of The Truman Show. Off the left side of this photo is school. Off to the right side is home. In the middle is shopping, coffee, pedicures, and scuba lessons. All of this exists within a distance of one kilometer. On Saturday I was caught up with my blog posts and feeling pretty good about it. Three days later I have yet to post another photo. Going back and forth from home to work hasn’t offered me the inspiration lately that I need to whip my camera out of my bag. I’m not blaming Nichada. It is a nice place to live and there are certain things I love about it. For me, though, it has become like a cocoon…comfortable and easy. Too comfortable and easy, which is funny because that’s usually what I think I want. School and home are my comfort zones, each in their own way. I have come to rely on the outside world for the adventure I crave and, I’m sorry Nichada, you just aren’t cutting it anymore. I’m going to miss the frogs, the lake, and the three minute commute but I’m excited for the photo opps and third world excitement that downtown will offer me next year. Until then I think my failure to post is an indication that I need to make a little time for the things I enjoy doing that sometimes slip through the cracks of a busy day. When the routine starts to take over my life there’s nothing like  a swift kick in the ass to shake it off and have fun.


One comment on “The Bubble”

  1. AMEN sista!

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