By: BKKLola

Sep 30 2009

Category: Home

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This little guy is one of the reasons I have the “Turn The Light On Before You Go Into The Kitchen” rule. Last night I forgot my rule and got a glass out of the drying rack. This rascal made his move and was surprisingly noisy. These little guys are quite skiddish but they seem to know when someone is looking at them and then they freeze. They are known for eating bugs, so we had a little talk. I would pretend I had never seen him as long as he did his job and ate anything that scurries (and stayed out of my room while I sleep…I have an irrational fear that one of these guys will end up in my mouth while I sleep).


One comment on “Sneaky!”

  1. A couple of nights ago I took food out to the critters. Heard a rustling near the food dish, and looked up expecting to see raccoons. Au contraire, mon ami. Eeet was Pepe Le Peu. Since then he or his ilk have been regulars, returning even after we left for three days and didn’t feed him. We’re REALLY careful when we go out after dark now.

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